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Podcast Episode #3 – Using the Internet to Monitor and Research Your Brand

One assignment for our Social Media and Public Relations class was to record ourselves creating a brief Podcast about any topic on social media.  I chose to do mine on the importance of companies doing research on consumer opinions and reactions to their brands and services.  Below are the “show notes” from my Podcast, and then underneath that you can click on the logo and listen to the show. Enjoy!

Podcast Show Notes

  • 0:0.0 Introductions -Hendrix Hourly, 3/30/2010
  • 0:33 – Why use Research?
  • 1:13 – Research Can Tell You – What are consumers saying
  • 1:54 – What/Who to Monitor – Social Media Monitoring
  • 2:49.5 – Researching Tools – eWatch, Media Sense
  • 3:49 – Special Thanks – Li, Bernoff, Breakenridge
  • 4:14 – Conclusion
  • 4:35 – End

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One Week of Twitter

Last week for our Public Relations Writing class we were assigned to create a Twitter account and use it to follow our classmates and various PR professionals.  I already had created an account when I started taking Professor Nixon’s classes so I continued on with the rest of the assignment which was to send out 20 “tweets” and also respond to five of our classmates “tweets”.

I enjoyed this assignment so much!  First, I think that it provided a great introduction to students who do not know much about TwitterTwitter is an extremely useful tool in engaging relationships, asking questions, getting answers, and especially networking.

In our field, public relations, I believe that Twitter will be invaluable, if not necessary when trying to accomplish various things.  For example, I have had to do a project recently where it was necessary to use a “Twitter Search” in order to see what the masses were saying about a company/product I was researching.  I’ve also used Twitter to reach out to authors whose books I am reading and reviewing for classes and many of them have responded back to me.  Most of the people on Twitter use it as a tool to engage with others so they generally like for you to “follow them” or even “mention” them and get in contact with them.  This is great for me as I am currently looking for advice often and will be on the job hunt soon.

This past week was great because so many of my classmates were involved with Twitter.  I could see what they were “tweeting” about and even felt like I could share funny or interesting things that were PR related and they would see them.  Often I feel like I am posting interesting links and they are not being seen by anyone in particular.  This past week when I posted a question or a link to something followed by our hashtag (#PRCA3330) I would sometimes get a comment or an answer back.

I loved this assignment and I sincerely hope that my classmates will stick with Twitter so that we may stay connected.  I understand that Facebook is a fun social networking site that is easy to update your status, post photos and message your friends, however I believe Twitter can be used as a more professional platform for students especially in the public relations field.

I will certainly continue using my account to follow Professor Barbra Nixon and my classmates, as well as to follow the top trending topics, and  Professor Nixon’s suggested list of PR professionals.

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Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines

February 13, 2010 is the day that started “The War of Tweets” between Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines.

Kevin Smith, actor and director, had been seated in a plane bound for Burbank, California.  He had purchased two tickets for his own comfort on an earlier flight but opted to get on an earlier flight and sit in one seat.

Before the plane could take off a flight attendant name Suzanne approached Smith and told him that the pilot, Captain Leysath, was concerned for the other passenger’s safety and that Smith was a “safety risk” even though Smith fit in the seat with both arm rests down.  This was all in accordance with Southwest Airline’s “customer of size policy“.  I’m not sure whether that policy was explained to Smith on board the plane or not.

Basically Southwest Airline’s “customer of size policy” says that a passenger must be seated safely and comfortably with both armrests down.  I guess on that flight, either Suzanne or Captain Leysath did not think that Smith was.

After being escorted off the plane, Smith launched a full-on social media attack on Southwest including over 200 tweets (to his 1.6 million followers), a long podcast and posts to his blog.

Most of the tweets are inappropriate and vicious.  Fortunately Southwest Airlines has been extremely apologetic about the situation even though it is seemingly not their fault! The company has issued about a dozen tweets directly to Kevin Smith and has apologized for any mistreatment.  Customer Relations even attempted calling Smith and posted an apology to their blog.

Mashable calls their actions commendable, and I for one agree!

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Social Media: Helping Change the Fashion Industry

I was browsing through Mashable reading some of their articles, and I found this article on “5 Ways Social Media Changed Fashion in 2009“.  I thought this article was so interesting because I started out as a Fashion Merchandising major in college.  Now that I am a Public Relations major and am interested in the role that social media plays within public relations I have started thinking that it would be fun to manage a Twitter account or a blog for a company.

Anyways I just found this article which showed that social media has been almost groundbreaking in the fashion industry and ties in nicely with what we are currently studying and discussing!

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PRCA 3030: No More Scantily Clad Britney Spears During the Super Bowl?

For the past 23 years, Pepsi has aired commercials during the Super Bowl.  This year however, Pepsi is taking a very different marketing approach.  I just finished watching a video on that details Pepsi’s decision to switch advertising approaches.  Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi, Jill Bearud, says, “It was not in the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish this year,” referring to producing multi-million dollar commercials.  Beraud later says that “Social networking enables you to have a relationship with your consumers.  In the past it’s always been about brands talking to consumers.  This is really a dialogue, and that’s whats new.”

Instead, Pepsi is using social media to launch the “Pepsi Refresh Project“.  Through this project, the public can suggest various causes and charities to which Pepsi will donate roughly $20 million dollars.

Richard Laermerauthor and CEO of RLM PR, was quoted saying that “They’re (Pepsi) probably getting more attention for not doing the Super Bowl ad than they would have for doing the Super Bowl ad”.

If Pepsi likes the results they get with their new methods, then the world will no longer be seeing this:

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Most Companies Don’t Have a Social Media Policy- PRCA 3030

I was just on Twitter and found, thanks to @Mashable , a study that says “Manpower employer services found that only 29% of companies in the Americas have a ‘formal policy regarding employee use of social networking sites.'”

A different study was done a few months ago by Mashable saying that more than 50% of companies block websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace,  but that is done mostly to keep productivity levels up.

The “formal policy” is designed more to ensure that an employee doesn’t publicly slander the company.

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TOW 4: Definition of Social Media in 140 Characters or Less- PRCA 3030

Adam Vincenzini wrote on his Twitter and blog and asked people for their definition of “social media” in 140 characters or less.  Below are a few examples of what definitions people gave and why I think that they are great definitions of social media.

  1. @NadiaSaint Social media is communicating with – rather than talking to – a target audience. It’s about respect, context and (above all) common sense.
  • I think that Nadia used an interesting phrase in her definition, “communicating with, rather than talking to a target audience”.  That is what social media means to me, communicating with people rather than talking “at” someone.
  1. @dbreakenridge Social media means listening carefully and learning to share valuable information that bonds people and builds strong relationships     (Deirdre embodies this definition as well as anyone, a great example for many)
  • Deirdre Breakenridge has clearly defined Social media for me by saying that by engaging in social media you learn to build relationships.  I think that is what people are doing by using and maintaining blogs and Twitter accounts without realizing it.  The information they are putting out is connecting them with others and by doing so is bonding them to others and helping to build relationships.
  1. @EmilyCagle Adapt, answer, broadcast, collaborate, communicate, connect, create, engage, follow, lead, learn, listen, question, share
  • I liked Emily’s definition because she was giving all the different ways in which social media can be used.  It can be used to engage, lead, follow, share, etc.
  1. @SuzieLin SM is all about interacting & engaging to build relationships.  It allows the world to connect & facilitates the exchange of info & ideas.
  • I liked Suzie’s definition because she explained how social media can be used to “facilitate” the exchange of information and ideas.  I think that often this is why social media is used.  Whenever I check my twitter people have posted interesting articles they have found or reviews of a product, and this is definitely an example of an exchange of information.

My definition of social media in 140 characters or fewer would be as follows:

  • SM is defined as social interaction using primarily web based technology that allows people to learn, inform, and communicate with others.

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