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Podcast Episode #3 – Using the Internet to Monitor and Research Your Brand

One assignment for our Social Media and Public Relations class was to record ourselves creating a brief Podcast about any topic on social media.  I chose to do mine on the importance of companies doing research on consumer opinions and reactions to their brands and services.  Below are the “show notes” from my Podcast, and then underneath that you can click on the logo and listen to the show. Enjoy!

Podcast Show Notes

  • 0:0.0 Introductions -Hendrix Hourly, 3/30/2010
  • 0:33 – Why use Research?
  • 1:13 – Research Can Tell You – What are consumers saying
  • 1:54 – What/Who to Monitor – Social Media Monitoring
  • 2:49.5 – Researching Tools – eWatch, Media Sense
  • 3:49 – Special Thanks – Li, Bernoff, Breakenridge
  • 4:14 – Conclusion
  • 4:35 – End

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Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines

February 13, 2010 is the day that started “The War of Tweets” between Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines.

Kevin Smith, actor and director, had been seated in a plane bound for Burbank, California.  He had purchased two tickets for his own comfort on an earlier flight but opted to get on an earlier flight and sit in one seat.

Before the plane could take off a flight attendant name Suzanne approached Smith and told him that the pilot, Captain Leysath, was concerned for the other passenger’s safety and that Smith was a “safety risk” even though Smith fit in the seat with both arm rests down.  This was all in accordance with Southwest Airline’s “customer of size policy“.  I’m not sure whether that policy was explained to Smith on board the plane or not.

Basically Southwest Airline’s “customer of size policy” says that a passenger must be seated safely and comfortably with both armrests down.  I guess on that flight, either Suzanne or Captain Leysath did not think that Smith was.

After being escorted off the plane, Smith launched a full-on social media attack on Southwest including over 200 tweets (to his 1.6 million followers), a long podcast and posts to his blog.

Most of the tweets are inappropriate and vicious.  Fortunately Southwest Airlines has been extremely apologetic about the situation even though it is seemingly not their fault! The company has issued about a dozen tweets directly to Kevin Smith and has apologized for any mistreatment.  Customer Relations even attempted calling Smith and posted an apology to their blog.

Mashable calls their actions commendable, and I for one agree!

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PRCA 3330. TOW Week 2- Mignon Fogarty

Today I was on Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl website and found several of her podcasts as well as her blog posts on correct grammar usage very helpful and informative.  I chose to listen to her “who” vs. “whom” podcast from March of 2007 and found it a very good explanation and refresher of the confusing pronoun choices (Who Vs. Whom).

I will start off by telling you what I learned from listening to the podcast.  First, I learned that who and whom are both pronouns, and both refer to either the object or subject in a sentence.  More specifically, who refers to the subject (the person doing something), whereas whom refers to the object (the thing that is having something done to it).

I’ll say this again so as to avoid confusion.  Who refers to the subject.  The subject is the person who is doing the action.

Whom refers to the object.  The object is the thing that is having something done to it.

A good example of this would be saying “I love you.” YOU are the object of MY affection. YOU is the object of the sentence, because I am loving YOU, which makes me the subject and you the object.

If you have difficulty telling the difference between subjects and objects there is one simple way to decide when to use who or whom. Ask yourself the question and decide if you would answer it with “him” or “he”.

For example: “Who or Whom do you love?” –Answer “I love him!”  So, “Whom do you love?” is correct.

Another example: “Who or Whom stepped on the bug?”

-Answer: “HE stepped on the bug.” So, “Who stepped on the bug?” is correct.

Whenever “him” is your answer “whom will be the pronoun”. Just remember “whom=him”!

The thing that most surprised me about this podcast was that I could learn so much about a little grammar rule in 4 minutes or less and that she made it so simple! I could listen to these on the go (she now has an “App” for the iphone) and hopefully improve my grammar rapidly!

I actually would love to continue reading Fogarty’s blog and keep listening to her podcasts whenever possible and improve my grammar skills! I think that now I do have a better grasp over the Who vs. Whom debate.

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