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New Promoted Tweets

A new thing is going to start popping into your Twitter stream whether you’re ready for it or not! The “new thing” is Twitter’s new ad campaign called “Promoted Tweets”. These are really just advertisements disguised as “promoted tweets”.  According to AdAge and The New York Times, the campaign will allow businesses to “insert themselves into the Twitter stream and rise above the noise” (Mashable).

The Promoted Tweets will just start out in searches, but will soon be seen in streams as well as in “third party apps” like Tweet Deck and Tweetie (Mashable).

Companies who are going to start using the Promoted Tweet are Starbucks, Bravo, and Virgin America (Mashable).

Below is an example of a Promoted Tweet from Starbucks:

Image from Mashable


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Delicious and Helpful?

I have an account with the site Delicious which is a social bookmarking site.  This site is actually great for me because this semester I am in two classes which require me to blog.  As part of the blog we are required to write “pr connections” which are basically anything we see on the Internet that translates into something we are doing in class.  Another aspect of blogging is writing blog comments.  For our blog comments we are to write on other student’s or professional’s blogs and keep a list of the comments on our blog.

This is where a site like Delicious comes in handy for me.  Whenever I may be thinking of where to look for a “PR connection” I can look at my social bookmarks and see what sites I have visited before that were helpful to me.  For instance I have marked Mashable and Hubspot and a few others as well that provide great stories about social media.

For blog comments I often look to professional’s blogs in the industry and see what they are writing about.  I have marked Brian Solis, Deirdre Breakenridge, Todd Defren’s Pr-Squared and Richard Laermer’s Bad Pitch Blog. It’s then easy to go to their blogs, read what they have written, and write comments to them.

Delicious allows you to organize your social bookmarks into categories.  I’ve organized mine into different “classes”, “school”, “blog”, etc.  I think that a site like Delicious is a good idea for college students to use because it helps to keep organized.  For example, if you are trying to go back and search for an Internet source that you used to write a paper you could easily find it if you placed it amongst your social bookmarks.  Also, if you have several students working on a group project using a site like Delicious would allow you to check to see what each person is doing and what sites they are using.

In our class for example, if other students were wondering where I got my information on new facts about social media they could check my Delicious account and see that I often visited Mashable.  They could also see that for my blog comments I often read the blogs of Breakenridge, Solis and Defren.

To connect with me over Delicious check out my account and maybe we can share sites!

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Facebook Page May Get Betty White onto SNL

According to an article posted on, Betty White may make an appearance this Saturday on the popular television show, Saturday Night Live.  A Facebook page, created by Dan Matthews on December 29, 2009, has 426,734 fans (as of 2/22/2010).  Betty White was not involved in the creation of the page, but implied that she would be willing to host the show.

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Social Media: Helping Change the Fashion Industry

I was browsing through Mashable reading some of their articles, and I found this article on “5 Ways Social Media Changed Fashion in 2009“.  I thought this article was so interesting because I started out as a Fashion Merchandising major in college.  Now that I am a Public Relations major and am interested in the role that social media plays within public relations I have started thinking that it would be fun to manage a Twitter account or a blog for a company.

Anyways I just found this article which showed that social media has been almost groundbreaking in the fashion industry and ties in nicely with what we are currently studying and discussing!

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Internet to Join the Ranks of Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel and Jimmy Carter?

I just read a very interesting article on Mashable that indicated that the Internet had been nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize this year.  It, (the Internet), faces competition from the Chinese “dissident” as well as a Russian human rights activist.

The Internet received its nomination after the Italian version of Wired Magazine argued that the Internet’s contributions were “dialogue, debate and consensus through communication”

While I myself am sure that the Internet will probably not prevail as this year’s winner, I think that it is highly significant for it to have been nominated.

However, as the Associated Press reminds us, last year’s choice of President Barack Obama after only a year in office created much tension and controversy, so this year’s choice will probably be a safer one.  Sorry Internet.

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Most Companies Don’t Have a Social Media Policy- PRCA 3030

I was just on Twitter and found, thanks to @Mashable , a study that says “Manpower employer services found that only 29% of companies in the Americas have a ‘formal policy regarding employee use of social networking sites.'”

A different study was done a few months ago by Mashable saying that more than 50% of companies block websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace,  but that is done mostly to keep productivity levels up.

The “formal policy” is designed more to ensure that an employee doesn’t publicly slander the company.

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