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Viral Videos and Why We Love Them

A viral video is defined as a video that has become popular through internet sharing.  Usually they are funny or silly.  I think that part of the reason that small budget, homemade videos become viral is through word of mouth.  The majority of the videos that I have been shown on YouTube were by friends or family or that I heard about “through the grapevine”.

The reason that these videos become so popular is that once one person sees it and finds it funny or entertaining he or she will tell a few people and they will tell someone else and the word spreads like wildfire.

Also, video cameras these days are relatively inexpensive.  If you combine that with people who have a lot of free time on their hands you are likely to end up with some pretty funny material.

YouTube was founded in February 2005 and was officially launched in November, 2005.  In July, 2006 the company said that there were an estimated 65,000 new videos being uploaded daily.  It’s also estimated that in 2007, YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000  (source)!

Google acquired YouTube on November 13, 2006 and on the third year anniversary of their acquisition, Chad Hurley of Google announced that YouTube was serving “well over a billion views a day” worldwide (source).

I think that all these numbers show how a simple video can become a huge success overnight! I have favorite videos on YouTube just like everyone else.  Below are a few of my favorites:

This actually makes me a little sad.  It is so cringe-worthy (that’s not even a word but it should be)!  It is so painful watching this girl answer the question.  The question is about education in foreign countries and it should be asking about education in the state of South Carolina! What is going on in her county? Why can’t she answer a simple question? It is just awful which I think is part of the attraction.  It is almost like watching a car accident; you don’t want to look but you just can’t look away.

I love these dancing inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.  They have done more than a few performances and this one is fantastic.  This video has gotten 40.6 million views on YouTube and I think that they are fantastic; at dancing that is.


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Super Bowl ads 2010. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

This year on February 7, 2010 was the 44th annual Super Bowl.  This year,  I was not as concerned with who the main players were (the Colts and the Saints) but rather what the commercials would be.  For the most part I was not disappointed.

Over the years, the price for a 30 second commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl has changed dramatically.  In 1967 for the first Super Bowl a 30 commercial would cost about $37,500.  In 1987 for the Super Bowl XXI a 30 second commercial cost $600,000.  This year for the 44th Super Bowl commercials cost on average $2.6 million dollars*.  In my opinion, if your company is going to spend so much money producing an ad then the commercial should be perfect.

This year, I had a favorite and a least favorite ad.

My favorite ad was Google’s “Search On”.  You can watch this video below:

This ad was my favorite because it is so romantic. The ad shows a person searching for ways to impress a young “French girl”.  Google then corrects the “searcher” by coming up with the result “How to impress a French Woman”.  The ad is cute because this person seems naive not knowing what truffles are or how to correctly spell the “Louvre”.  It continues by showing the “searcher” at first asking for advice on long distance relationships but they quickly change their mind and instead decide to search for flight and church information.  The ad finishes by the searcher asking for advice on how to assemble a crib.  This ad has shown a person’s relationship formation in about 30 seconds in an incredibly romantic way.  Google did not just market this ad towards women however, it is very popular among men.  Hulu showed that women voted for the ad 81% favorably, and men voted 67% favorably (As of 2/13/2010).

My least favorite ad was Chrysler’s “Dodge Charger”.  You can watch it below.

I disliked the ad for a number of reasons. First it made men in general look like they have no backbone.  They showed these various men looking stone-faced into the camera saying things like “I will say this, I will do this”.  I do not know a single man who behaves like that so to me it was ridiculous and insulting to most men and women who supposedly “make” men do these things without question.  Also, sometimes women do ask men to do things, such as be nice to their mother-in-law or watch “vampire tv shows”,  however does that mean that men need to go out and purchase a Dodge Charger?  This commercial was only marketed towards men, but I think that it is offensive towards women and should offend men as well.

*I found the ad cost estimates here.

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