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PRCA 3030: TOW 3- Is social media monitoring ethical?

The TOW this week is whether or not social media monitoring is ethical and to provide commentary and discussion on both sides of the issue.

I think that a company or business has the right to go on the Internet and monitor what blogs or twitter is currently saying about them.  There are plenty of resources available for them to do so and using them would give them a competitive advantage.  Groundswell says “if you can’t beat them join them.”  This means if your company cannot keep up with the negative reviews being written about them then it can create a blog or Twitter, or Facebook page for itself and start connecting with customers and answering questions.

I also think that a company should monitor its employee’s social media.  I don’t think that it is professional to have an employee from a commonly known company (ex. Subway, Chick-fil-A) have pictures on their Facebook or MySpace of underage drinking.

The other side of the issue is what a company should not do, and that apparently is “ghost blogging”. Jason Falls wrote an interesting blog post about what ghost blogging is.  The post stemmed from a talk he had given recently.  Falls criticized ghost bloggers by saying, “Transparency is key in social media. Ghost writers are the opposite. The biggest problem is getting found out. You run the risk of being disingenuous. It intimates that you have something to hide.” Apparently a portion of the audience in attendance of lecture were writing blog posts for other companies, and were afraid they were included in his definition and were angry he was calling what they were doing unethical.

Falls is saying that a blog should not say that it was authored by the President of the ABC network, unless he actually wrote it.  Often, companies will hire others not to take notes and then post the blog for them (as a copywriter or editor would do), but to actually write a post and put it under their name.  This would be fine if it was coming from “The ABC Company” but it is not okay since it is coming from “President            ” from the ABC Company.


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