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Podcast Episode #3 – Using the Internet to Monitor and Research Your Brand

One assignment for our Social Media and Public Relations class was to record ourselves creating a brief Podcast about any topic on social media.  I chose to do mine on the importance of companies doing research on consumer opinions and reactions to their brands and services.  Below are the “show notes” from my Podcast, and then underneath that you can click on the logo and listen to the show. Enjoy!

Podcast Show Notes

  • 0:0.0 Introductions -Hendrix Hourly, 3/30/2010
  • 0:33 – Why use Research?
  • 1:13 – Research Can Tell You – What are consumers saying
  • 1:54 – What/Who to Monitor – Social Media Monitoring
  • 2:49.5 – Researching Tools – eWatch, Media Sense
  • 3:49 – Special Thanks – Li, Bernoff, Breakenridge
  • 4:14 – Conclusion
  • 4:35 – End

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Delicious and Helpful?

I have an account with the site Delicious which is a social bookmarking site.  This site is actually great for me because this semester I am in two classes which require me to blog.  As part of the blog we are required to write “pr connections” which are basically anything we see on the Internet that translates into something we are doing in class.  Another aspect of blogging is writing blog comments.  For our blog comments we are to write on other student’s or professional’s blogs and keep a list of the comments on our blog.

This is where a site like Delicious comes in handy for me.  Whenever I may be thinking of where to look for a “PR connection” I can look at my social bookmarks and see what sites I have visited before that were helpful to me.  For instance I have marked Mashable and Hubspot and a few others as well that provide great stories about social media.

For blog comments I often look to professional’s blogs in the industry and see what they are writing about.  I have marked Brian Solis, Deirdre Breakenridge, Todd Defren’s Pr-Squared and Richard Laermer’s Bad Pitch Blog. It’s then easy to go to their blogs, read what they have written, and write comments to them.

Delicious allows you to organize your social bookmarks into categories.  I’ve organized mine into different “classes”, “school”, “blog”, etc.  I think that a site like Delicious is a good idea for college students to use because it helps to keep organized.  For example, if you are trying to go back and search for an Internet source that you used to write a paper you could easily find it if you placed it amongst your social bookmarks.  Also, if you have several students working on a group project using a site like Delicious would allow you to check to see what each person is doing and what sites they are using.

In our class for example, if other students were wondering where I got my information on new facts about social media they could check my Delicious account and see that I often visited Mashable.  They could also see that for my blog comments I often read the blogs of Breakenridge, Solis and Defren.

To connect with me over Delicious check out my account and maybe we can share sites!

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