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PRCA 3030: No More Scantily Clad Britney Spears During the Super Bowl?

For the past 23 years, Pepsi has aired commercials during the Super Bowl.  This year however, Pepsi is taking a very different marketing approach.  I just finished watching a video on that details Pepsi’s decision to switch advertising approaches.  Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi, Jill Bearud, says, “It was not in the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish this year,” referring to producing multi-million dollar commercials.  Beraud later says that “Social networking enables you to have a relationship with your consumers.  In the past it’s always been about brands talking to consumers.  This is really a dialogue, and that’s whats new.”

Instead, Pepsi is using social media to launch the “Pepsi Refresh Project“.  Through this project, the public can suggest various causes and charities to which Pepsi will donate roughly $20 million dollars.

Richard Laermerauthor and CEO of RLM PR, was quoted saying that “They’re (Pepsi) probably getting more attention for not doing the Super Bowl ad than they would have for doing the Super Bowl ad”.

If Pepsi likes the results they get with their new methods, then the world will no longer be seeing this:


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Topic of the Week 2:Haiti. PRCA 3030

Today I read an article on CNN detailing not only the destruction caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti’s capital Port au Prince, but also the amount of donations that relief organizations have received from concerned citizens.  What surprised me the most was not how much people were giving, but the forms in which they were giving.  Now more than ever people are donating through online sources and texts.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Port au Prince on Tuesday, January 12th2010.  By that Thursday, the American Red Cross had already succeeded in raising $3 million dollars through text messaging.  Those numbers had doubled Friday morning.  The Red Cross upon hearing of the tragedy in Haiti set up donations through text where people could text “HAITI” to 90999 and $10 would be donated. By Friday morning, “Red Cross” was among the top 10 most popular topics on Twitter.

Celebrities also caused a media craze by donating their status’s to the relief efforts.  Lindsay Lohan, Adam Lambert, Ben Stiller, and Wyclef Jean all tweeted asking for donations to be sent to Haiti.

Craigslist posted a list of relief sites with links where people could donate.  Many Facebook users also responded quickly to the tragedy in Haiti and created groups where people could show their support.  The largest reached over 170,000 people.

More than half of the donations received by the Red Cross have been donated from online sources.  The Red Cross has it’s own blog, it’s own online newsroom, as well as it’s Flickr, Facebook, and Youtube accounts.

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