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TOW 4: Definition of Social Media in 140 Characters or Less- PRCA 3030

Adam Vincenzini wrote on his Twitter and blog and asked people for their definition of “social media” in 140 characters or less.  Below are a few examples of what definitions people gave and why I think that they are great definitions of social media.

  1. @NadiaSaint Social media is communicating with – rather than talking to – a target audience. It’s about respect, context and (above all) common sense.
  • I think that Nadia used an interesting phrase in her definition, “communicating with, rather than talking to a target audience”.  That is what social media means to me, communicating with people rather than talking “at” someone.
  1. @dbreakenridge Social media means listening carefully and learning to share valuable information that bonds people and builds strong relationships     (Deirdre embodies this definition as well as anyone, a great example for many)
  • Deirdre Breakenridge has clearly defined Social media for me by saying that by engaging in social media you learn to build relationships.  I think that is what people are doing by using and maintaining blogs and Twitter accounts without realizing it.  The information they are putting out is connecting them with others and by doing so is bonding them to others and helping to build relationships.
  1. @EmilyCagle Adapt, answer, broadcast, collaborate, communicate, connect, create, engage, follow, lead, learn, listen, question, share
  • I liked Emily’s definition because she was giving all the different ways in which social media can be used.  It can be used to engage, lead, follow, share, etc.
  1. @SuzieLin SM is all about interacting & engaging to build relationships.  It allows the world to connect & facilitates the exchange of info & ideas.
  • I liked Suzie’s definition because she explained how social media can be used to “facilitate” the exchange of information and ideas.  I think that often this is why social media is used.  Whenever I check my twitter people have posted interesting articles they have found or reviews of a product, and this is definitely an example of an exchange of information.

My definition of social media in 140 characters or fewer would be as follows:

  • SM is defined as social interaction using primarily web based technology that allows people to learn, inform, and communicate with others.


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