Chapter 7 Notes- Creating News Features and Op-Ed

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The Value of Features

feature story – provides additional background information, generates human interest, and creates understanding in a more imaginative way

  • Types of features
  1. case study – tell how individual customers have benefitted from a company’s product of service or how another organization has used the product or service to improve efficiency or profits. (third party endorsement/testimonial the helps boost popularity of product/service)
  2. application story – focuses on how consumers can use a product in new ways
  3. research study – surveys and polls
  4. backgrounder
  • one type focuses on a problem and how it was solved by an organization or a product
  • another type explains how a technology or product has evolved over time
  1. personality profile – people like reading about people (celebs, CEO’s of companies, etc.)
  2. historical piece – anniversaries, major changes, centennials, etc.

Parts of a Feature

  • Headline
  • The lead – purpose in a feature story is to attract attention and get the reader interested to read entire article (as opposed to summary lead in a news release).
  • Body
  • Summary

Op-Ed – purpose is to present a variety of views on current news events, governmental policies, legislation, and social issues.

Text Used is:
Public Relations Media Techniques- 6th Edition
by: Denis L. Wilcox

Entry filed under: Pr Writing 3330- Section A, Reading Notes- PRCA 3330.

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