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Part of our assignment of creating and maintaining a blog for Professor Barbara Nixon’s PRCA 3030 Social Media and PR course, is to comment on other’s PR blogs.  We are to keep a running list of comments throughout the semester following these guidelines:

  • Comment # (keep a running list)
  • Title of blog post you commented on, followed by the author’s name
  • Hyperlink to the blog post
  • Date of your comment
  • Your complete comment (copy and paste)

#1. Is Email Dying in the Face of Social Media and SMS? by:Ellie Mirman
posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 11:43 AM

I think that people will continue to use email over social media in a number of circumstances. For example, in a business setting it seems more professional to email someone than to Tweet or Facebook them your questions. Also, if you are trying to reach multiple people at one time, email is still a more convenient channel than attempting to create a Facebook group or message multiple people at once.
Social Media outlets such as Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter do seem like a more public outlet even with a direct messaging option. These tools, to me, are more for keeping in contact with friends or family, updating your status, playing games, or fact finding. I personally think that when conducting business email is a more professional option.

#2. Landing the Interview Vs. Getting the Job by: Susan E. Jacobsen
11:32 AM- Jan 27th 2010

While I have yet to “land my PR dream job” I found each of your tips extremely helpful. I am still a college student with a major in Public Relations and will soon be on the hunt for a job. The career center will often tell you how to dress appropriately or to be on time, and of course to do background research on the company but I had not given any thought of “two way talking” or even explaining your weaknesses. It makes sense to talk about your achievements and reference them on your resume or to note seminars that you have attended, for example the national PRSSA conference.
I also found the part about mentioning your experience helpful. Referring to your past accomplishments with social media skills, or publishing journal entries was interesting to me and obviously something that a interviewer would like to know.
This blog entry was very helpful to me!

#3. Google Alters Buzz to Tackle Privacy Flaws by: Miguel Helft
February 16th, 2010 11:59 am

After reading this article I went into my Gmail account and turned off “Google Buzz”. I thought it was incredibly invasive to have Google create something that went in automatically, overnight and set up your contacts as people you “follow” through a new social network.
Some, if not most of my contacts are professionals and not people I would choose to be connected to on a social network. I am currently a student in college and use my “gmail” account to correspond with professionals and professors, most of whom would find it odd that I chose them to “follow” on a social networking site. I like how LinkedIn allows you to first message someone, asking if you can follow them.
Google Buzz just automatically went in and set up all of my contacts without my permission. I hated it. I think that Google went about this the wrong way, and that if given the choice people may have responded to it better. If Google had not automatically installed it, people might be more willing to use it. Now, I think that a lot of people have a visceral reaction when they hear the word “Buzz”.
I’m not even willing to try it. I am already connected to people via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Google Buzz offers me nothing but frustration.

#4. The SPINdustry by: Kristina Bundy
March 3, 2010

I really liked your review of the show “SPINdustry” and I agree with you that a lot of those things that the girls are doing at Command PR are very unprofessional. I think that working in field of communications and especially doing publicity for celebrities requires a certain amount of tact, poise, and restraint! None of which these girls seem to have. I think that they see Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney going out and behaving silly however, they don’t realize that they haven’t earned the right to go out and party and still seem professional the next day. These girls don’t yet have celebrity status and clients/employers will not deal with it.
Also, I have worked for the Walt Disney World Company and our managers made us realize that when celebrities come into the park they don’t need to be bombarded by us, and they are there for vacation or to get work done (photo shoots or concerts, etc.). I think that it is unprofessional of a girl to tell Mel B. how much she loved her “Spice Girl” work.

#5. Toyota is Looking Up! by: Mackenzie Stratton
April 16, 2010

I am actually shocked that Toyota has been able to turn their image around! Horror stories have come out including one about a Minnesota man who has been wrongfully imprisoned for killing three people in his Toyota Camry when he claimed that he was stomping on the brakes. The jury didn’t believe him, and now it turns out that of course the brakes failed since it was a Camry! The defense is now calling it the “Toyota Defense”. That is terrible publicity for Toyota. (source) Also the email from the Toyota exec that surfaced which warned in January “we need to come clean” (source) should have made the public extremely angry about the deaths that could have been avoided. I for one am shocked that Toyota has been able to turn their image around!

#6. Twitter Vs. DVR by: Kdwhigham
April 16th, 2010

This is true about the world of social media being able to fill you in if you’ve missed anything at all, not only in the world of television. Remember the tragic earthquake in Haiti? Millions of people said that they “heard” about it first through Twitter.

I think that this is just a sign or signal that technology is pushing us forward in the way that we live our lives and get our news delivered to us. People used to read the newspaper for news, or wait to hear from relatives in letters. Now, I can go on to Facebook and write my Great Uncle Bill in Michigan a message and hear back from him in a matter of minutes.

It is incredibly frustrating however if you are trying to avoid “spoiler alerts!”. I suppose the only way to avoid it is to be in among the action and tweet away as the show is on live! Good luck!

#7. PR Real World 2010: Who Owns Social Media? by: Haley J. Higgs
April 16, 2010

Haley, this was an interesting question.  The “thing” about social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is that usually a company creates them to “interact” and listen to their consumers/customers.  It’s a listening tool or device.  Marketing professionals up until now have been talking at their targeted audience, however with new technologies such as blogs, online communities, Twitter, Facebook accounts, etc. companies can monitor the Internet and listen to what the public is saying about their company.  They can listen to complaints, praise, indifference, etc.  They should be listening and monitoring 24/7 because the information is priceless and free! It’s a great resource to have.  It’s like overhearing conversations.  Their consumers are able to tell them what they don’t like, and hopefully the company can switch things up and fix it.  That’s a big part of social media.  The listening and then researching what to do with the information collected.

#8. 4 squared? by: Martine Howell
April 16th, 2010

Martine, it’s too funny that you wrote this post. About three weeks ago, I purchased an iPhone and have been trying out various apps. I know that our professor is a fan of Foursquare so I tried it out. I know that one part of the “app” let’s you select friends. I only could find about three people that I knew that even used “Foursquare” and none even live in the city that I live in. I still am not sure if that is important or not. I find the app easy to navigate however I still do not understand the perks of becoming mayor or earning badges. I think it’s sort of embarrassing informing my Twitter followers (most of whom are PR professionals that I’ve eaten at Taco Mac 4 times this week).
I also have heard about the website “Please Rob Me” and I think it is scary and seems reasonable to me that if you are updating your status to “out of the house” that someone could easily break in. Any of the “geo based” services like that make me nervous because they ask to use your current location and then make it public. I prefer privacy as well!

April 16, 2010

This concept of the “promoted tweet” is very interesting to me. It is certainly a way of using social media for companies to engage and interact with consumers. I read on the “Twitter Blog” that the promoted tweets must meet a “higher bar”, meaning they must resonate with users. So if users aren’t responding to the advertisement, then the ad will disappear.

It seems to me that Twitter is trying to keep the traditional interface of social interaction which is a good thing. I think that the companies who are “jumping on the bandwagon” with this idea, so to speak, are very wise. It is a great way of interacting with customers and consumers and it is as you say a breakthrough. Real-time advertising has never been done as far as I know.

I’m a little confused as to how the “promoted tweets” will help to salvage brand reputation. I understand the Domino’s crisis last year was a catastrophe, but had the PR team been on Twitter, couldn’t they have just released a tweet saying that they were working on it, something to that effect? Why would a “promoted tweet” be more significant?

In the overall scheme of things, I do think that promoted tweets will greatly benefit marketing.

#10. The New Resume Today: Social Media Resumes by: Lauren Hopkins
April 17, 2010

Lauren, I enjoyed your post on social media resumes.  I think that this form of resume is going to change the way in which people are hired.

For example, I think that in a traditional written resume, it was simple for people to stretch the truth about their accomplishments.  People use the term “domestic engineer” when referring to stay-at-home mom or dad.  It was easy for people to embellish written resumes and then charm the interviewer during the interview process.

I also think it is interesting how the dictionary defined a resume as a “brief written account of personal and professional qualifications…”  The social media resume is more of a portfolio than a brief written account.  You have a chance to show all that you’ve done and all that you can do for an employer by posting your previous articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc.  It’s a great opportunity to show a potential employer what you can really do.

#11. The Big Shockers in Advertising: Part #4 by: ladylondon2455
April 17, 2010

I am not sure what PETA’s problem is.  I realize that the members and founders are an extremely passionate group of people but I think that they are going about spreading the word completely the wrong way!  I saw an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where PETA wanted Khloe Kardashian to do a shoot for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign.  The woman in charge of the photo shoot calmly called her and presented Ms. Kardashian with extremely graphic video footage showing animals being tortured while still alive.  This approach to try and attempt celebrities and the public to stop wearing fur is a peaceful, civil and appropriate approach.  I do not see the need to pour blood onto celebrities walking down the red carpet in fur coats or lock naked people in cages without food or water (symbolizing cattle before slaughter).

After I read your post, I did research on the internet and looked to see what other controversial campaigns PETA has launched.  I found a few including one titled “Holocaust on your plate” which showed a starving man in a concentration camp next to a starving cow.  Another was launched just a week after the horrible murder that occurred on the Greyhound bus in Canada.  A man was repeatedly stabbed and finally beheaded on board while the other passengers were forced to watch.  The PETA ad that came out read “Manitoba…The victim is slaughtered and his head cut off…His struggles and cries are still ignored… It’s still going on!” The ad was comparing the man’s death to the handling of animals in slaughterhouses.

PETA needs to change their advertising because they are losing more followers than gaining them in my opinion.

#12. PR Professional Interview by: Jessica Cameron
April 17, 2010

I think that it’s great that Scottie was able to land a job two years out of Georgia Southern where she is already a manager of marketing.  Even if it is a small company, it sounds like she is in charge of many day to day duties and has her hands full.  It is interesting to me that she doesn’t write much, because these days I feel like that’s all I’m doing, writing news releases/press releases, PSA’s, etc.  I suppose there are all different branches and areas of Public Relations and maybe hers does not do a lot of writing.

I am also so impressed that she completely redesigned her company’s website.  She must have taken many computer courses.  That combined with her PR Publications class seems to have served her well.

You were very smart to have interviewed someone you know personally who works in your desired field.  You now know better if this is something you really want to do!  I’m glad it worked out.

#13. Yahoo Scientist: Not Smart For Brands To Pay Kim Kardashian $10k Per Tweet by: Joe Ciarallo
April 17, 2010

I don’t understand how Watts thinks that if he gets 10 or 20 influencers together, who all have about 100 followers – and he pays them each a tenth of what Kim Kardashian makes (which would be $1,000) – how those ten or twenty influencers could possibly have more reach than Kardashians three million followers.

I understand that Watts is saying he could get a smaller celebrity or personality influencer to do the same thing that Kardashian is doing for a tenth the price, but I think that with fame and followers comes a price.  I’ll believe him when I see it.  I think that Kardashian is very influential and that anyone else would not be able to “sell” what it is that she is selling, or reach the audience that she reaches.

#14. 4 Ways to Make Your Corporate Web Site More Social by: Kipp Bodnar
April 17, 2010

I thought this post gave very insightful ideas on how companies, especially companies who are just beginning to tap into social media, can use various functions on their website to make customers feel more “heard” in the decisions of the business.

I think that Amazon does a great job allowing customers to write product reviews which would one: give a company an idea if something is wrong with the product, and two: sell others on the product.

Encouraging commenting is also a great idea, because consumers may have a hit new product idea that people in the company have yet to think of.

All of these functions are ways to allow customers to feel more involved in the business that they chose to invest their money in to.  It makes them feel accounted for and special, which means that they will most likely return with more business and encourage others to do the same.

#15. Cover Letter Tips for the Public Relations Majors by: Meghan Callahan
April 18, 2010

I think that you addressed some great key points in this post Meghan.  I think that a lot of students fresh out of college are so eager to get a job that they don’t necessarily take the time to do the research that they need to do.  I think that a big mistake is sending out the same resume and cover letter to each job.  I feel that it’s very important to tailor your cover letter to the job that you are applying to so that it feels more personal and not so standardized.  This way at least the company can see that you did some research about them and are not blanketing all PR firms in a fifty mile radius, which you may actually be doing.  Your advice of addressing the cover letter to the person who will be reading it AND spelling their name correctly is great!  It makes it so much better than addressing it to “Personnel” or “HR”.  I feel that it increases one’s chance of getting hired!  The same goes for the netiquette you were talking about.  I think that we are all so comfortable talking over the Internet these days but you should still be very formal and polite in emails with those interviewing you.  Great tips!

#16. PR Connections: Budget Crisis by: Matt Mauney
April 19, 2010

Matt, thank you for using your blog to bring attention to the massive budget cuts that are affecting schools in Georgia.  Twenty-five million dollars is a lot of money to be taken away from a school!  And how tragic that the Education Department and the Performing Arts Department will no longer have funding!  I also was told that Georgia Southern, who had one of the top nursing programs in the country, will be forced to eliminate nursing as an option.  It’s terrible.  I thought your point about social media spreading the word is interesting.  I have seen and been asked to join many groups who are centralized around boycotting the budget cuts.  Keep up the great blogging!

#17. Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie! By: Lauren Parr
April 19, 2010

Ha! Lauren, this post was too funny.  I loved how honest and forthcoming you are about your “Barbie obsession”.  I actually was reminded about an episode of the show “Project Runway” from Bravo while reading this post. On this episode, the designers were to create an outfit for Barbie.  I think that this was a great marketing strategy for Mattel to reintroduce Barbie to adults by way of a fashion TV. show.  I love the marketing campaign that Ogilvy PR has created and think that it is neat the way that they are revealing different aspects as it launches around the globe.  I love the real life Barbie models! Where do I sign up for that job?

#18. Informative Interview with Stephanie Booker by: Eryn Pond
April 19, 2010

What an incredible interview!  I’m wondering how she is so accomplished having only graduated three years ago.  Does she have a master’s degree or is it a bachelor’s?  Either way Stephanie’s resume is very, very impressive.  Working for companies such as Entertainment Tonight and the Insider is a great way to jumpstart your career! I wish she’d given tips on she had gotten those jobs right after college.

I like her advice on how she landed a job at Beck Media.  Her persistence seemed to really impress her boss and she used her social media knowledge (LinkedIn) to help her.  I also thought it was so interesting that she really just reads and writes all day! That is what our professors have been trying to get us to do and hearing it from a young, successful professional helps to reinforce it.

Stephanie said that her job didn’t feel glamorous but I think that the red carpet event sounded like a lot of fun.

Great interview!

April 19, 2010

Marilyn, I also know Carter Salley and this informational interview provided a lot of new facts that I did not know previously.  I did not realize that Carter was a marketing major or that he was currently working on so many projects at Seasons.  I think that it is great that he was able to raise occupancy at the apartments in a matter of days!  That is no small feat considering it was the middle of the year (I assume it was between winter and spring semesters?)

I’ve read many interviews recently on my classmates blogs and I enjoyed reading yours since you chose to question someone closer to our age as opposed to someone who has already been in the field for twenty years.

I’m so impressed with Carter’s work ethic and he should be proud of his accomplishments!

#20. Restaurant Uses Foursquare and a Boat to Hit Sales Record by: Kipp Bodnar
April 20, 2010

What an incredibly original and fun idea!  I live in Atlanta and not many of my friends are utilizing Foursquare yet but I feel as though Atlanta is the perfect city to earn badges and become mayor of an establishment.  I wish that other companies were as creative as Sorge because his event sounded like a great idea to get customers to come in and come back.

I do utilize Twitter and Facebook and have rarely gotten invitations or notifications of businesses hosting parties like this.  Usually you hear about things still through email or on the radio.  I like that Sorge was using Foursquare and obviously it worked well for him if his sales increased so dramatically!

#21. Is Kell on Earth, bad news for the PR World? by: Mackenzie Stratton
April 20, 2010

Mackenzie, everyone is writing about this show, Kell on Earth.  I didn’t realize that Kelly Cutrone was the same woman featured on The Hills.  I suppose that makes sense since she is reappearing with her own show now on MTV.  I’m actually glad that MTV is airing a show about the public relations world.  I feel as though often I’m telling people that I am majoring in “PR” and they ask “what is that?”  I just hope that the show is realistic rather than not.  I hope they don’t just show Cutrone going out for lunches or buying clothes for events.  Since you are the second or third person I have seen write about this show I will need to check it out.  It will either give us tips as to what to do in our careers or what to avoid!


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