PRCA 3330: Chapter 1 Notes- Getting Organized for Writing

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Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition) by Denis L. Wilcox

Chapter 1- Getting Organized For Writing

Chapter 1 begins by stating that public relations is composted of 4 components: research, planning, communication, and evaluation.

It also explains the differences between strategies and tactics.  A strategy is a statement of direction and is made possible through various tactics (**This has been confusing to me in the past.)

The chapter then outlines the differences between a PR writer vs. a journalist (PR writers are employed by an organization who wants to put a message out to various audiences not just one and through multiple channels). The writer’s purpose is advocacy.

Public relations writers may write for many audiences and thus must choose the most effective communication channel.

The book then outlines various tools necessary to be prepared for writing (ex: computer, reference sources, encyclopedia, dictionary, AP stylebook, etc.)

An interesting section was on page. 19 where public relations counselors Kerry Tucker and Doris Derelian suggest 6 questions to ask yourself before writing an assignment:

  1. What is the desired communication outcome? In other words, what do we want our audience to do or not do?
  2. Who is our target audience? Defining your audience in terms of age, gender, and educational level helps set the framework of the message.
  3. What are our target audience’s needs, concerns, and interests?
  4. What is our message? Do you want to inform or persuade?
  5. What communication channel is most effective?
  6. Who is our most believable spokesperson?

The chapter then goes on to explain how to structure your writing so it is more readable.  For example, keeping sentences short, clear and concise.   Also paragraphs should only be two or three lines, words should be kept short if at all possible, visual descriptions are advised, and bias and stereotypes should be avoided.


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